About Us

Tora Gerrick, CEP, RN, BSN, SNM

Tora Gerrick, CEP, RN, BSN, SNM, BTA Training Director and Owner

Tora is an authorized American Hearth Association instructor. As a Paramedic, Nurse and student Nurse Midwife, she has a well rounded perspective concerning the health care system. She is passionate about teaching and loves bringing in quality information that is both easy to digest and usable in real world situations. Even seasoned health care providers have found something new from the way she teaches. Tora keeps her classes light-hearted even in the midst of serious content. She’s passionate about perfecting our skills through practice.

Tora’s vision offers a place for all Alumni of the Level l and Level ll IV Certifications and all experienced health care providers to come regularly, to practice their “sticks” have community and support one another. This is truly a wonderful service to health care providers.

Tora is active with her partner’s business, Graveyard Shift Coffee. Graveyard serves coffee to medical professionals, at hospitals on the graveyard shift! Check them out on Instagram @graveyard_shift_coffee

Tora loves being a volleyball mom to the captain of the volleyball team!  Her daughter was accepted into the Honors Program on the early admission Pre-Med track at U of A!

Danielle Haines, LM, CPM

Danielle LM, CPM, BTA Marketer, BTA Instructor

Is an out-of-hospital health care worker that really values the training courses that Tora offers.  She has taken her courses and LOVES how Tora teaches.  Anytime Danielle has set an IV since taking her course, she always remembers how Tora taught her to set up for success. Danielle is a BTA instructor and also works in the background doing registration, website and social media content.